What kind of wood do you make your furniture out of?

Most of our furniture is made out of Native Texas Mesquite, Red Cedar, Mountain Cedar, and Pecan.  However, we can make your furniture out of just about any hardwood available, and we can even build it from your own tree!



Do you take custome orders?

Yes, we will build just about anything made from wood.  Just bring your ideas and come sit down with our master builders.  They can create your piece in sketch form so you can see your ideas on paper first.


Where do you get the wood that you build with?

All of our different types of wood comes to us in log form.  We have an on-site sawmill that processes all the logs into lumber.  We also have large kilns where we dry our wood.


What are the benefits of your furniture?

All of the furniture at Texas Hill Country is hand made my professional craftsman.  Some of our wood-craftsman have been in the trade for most of their lives.  The quailty of furniture can be determind by the starting material, all the way through the process,  to the last joint and the finish.  We take our time to build great products that will last for generations and that will remain gorgeous works of art for many years to come.


Why do the pieces look so different?

No two products that we make ever look completely identical.  The types of wood that we use have so much character and color that each piece is 100% original.  We avoid dark stains that hides the woods natural beauty, and we use mostly natural oils and clear coats to promote the designs that mother nature put into the wood.