About Us



    It's no wonder that West Texas is where Larry and Sherry have their roots - what, with the unique Western influence on their lives and business. Together, they built the Texas Hill Country Furniture and Mercantile into a premiere furniture and home furnishings store in only one year. And, it’s evident their tastes for home furnishings has its appeal to the masses as proven by their rapid success.

    Sherry brings her personal appeal to the mercantile stores interior merchandising with handcrafted Texas crafts and home decor accessories. What she brings to shoppers is uniquely "Texas" with a one-of-a-kind dining place settings, paintings, wall decor, candles, and crafts. Sherry offers your visit a pleasant and enjoyable experience to select those special and exclusive items for your home.

         More than just a symbol of the Lone Star State, a five point star was meticulously hand carved through the head rest of a high-back wooden rocker, and The Star of Texas tradition was born. "Demand always exceeds supply," Larry said with his slow West Texas drawl. The beautiful wooden rocking chairs have been a successful main-stay since Larry made the first one more than ten years ago, and back-orders won't be filled for several months.

         From there, Larry proudly describes his custom furnishings to be the "Texas Hill Country look" he calls a distinctive and unique furniture design. Among other things, the Mercantile Store is filled with his dining room suites, bath, and bar stool furnishings that are rough hewn from cedar, mesquite, oak, and pecan.

         The second floor level of the store has Larry's poster bed and bedroom furniture displayed with Sherry's tasteful touch of Texas. The coverings - the wood tones - the craftsmanship - were so very irresistible that I watched a couple excitedly choose all the furniture for their new home.

         You'll find that same irresistible urge to take a part of Texas home with you - a Hand Crafted work of art from Larry and Sherry's Texas Hill Country Furniture and Mercantile.